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The We-Economy and Why It’s Important to Your Business + Free Download

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This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.WeCommerce Book Free Download

We all know that everything we know on day 1 of creating our own business is going to evolve. We know that the courses we take today may not even be relevent in a few years because of new information, new technology, new platforms for marketing and connecting with customers and clients. That’s why, when starting your own business, it’s important to take note of the cultural atmosphere surrounding your products or services.

In this upcoming book by Billee Howard (available December 1), she talks about how we must collaborate to succeed in an economy that’s all about sharing. It’s no longer about how just you and your business can solve a problem for consumers, but how you can work WITH something else, or someone else, to solve a problem.


Take for example, blogging. It’s fine and dandy to blog day in and day out, promote your content, and earn revenue from advertisements and sponsored posts. But how do you really connect with readers? How do you broaden your readership and reach a new segment of your audience? You collaborate with another blogger.

Maybe you are awesome at baking cakes, but you can’t quite set up a party in your living room. So you reach out to a fellow blogger who CAN and you work together to create a series, or maybe some other form of shareable content (an ebook? a webinar? maybe even a local class?) where you can cover the baking of the cake and other desserts, and the other blogger can share her tips for a budget-friendly tablescape and break it down into tutorials that both audiences will appreciate.

Now that you’ve collaborated with another blogger, YOUR BLOG reaches a new audience (her crafty, trendy, party-planning readers) and vice versa. You’ve now worked together to bring new information that is usable, shareable. Hello, we-economy.

Now that I have your interest in we-economy and how it could work for your business, head over HERE and download an absolutely FREE chapter from Billee Howard’s new book (coming in December!).

Let’s talk about your business and how you could start to work towards providing services or products we for the we-economy. In the comments below, let’s chat! What kind of business do you own? What new ideas do you have already?