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Sleepy Bedtime Essential Oil Whipped Lotion

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Sleepy Bedtime Whipped Lotion with essential oils

Essential Oil sleepy bedtime whipped lotion recipe


Having two kiddos close in age (only 12.5 months apart!) is pretty fun (most of the time) but bedtime lately has been a struggle! Not wanting to wind down, not wanting to fall asleep, taking FOREVER to fall asleep. That’s the main reason I even thought about trying essential oils. I am REALLY glad that I did. We quickly formulated our “recipe” for this whipped body lotion, and it’s now so much a part of our routine that the kids ASK FOR IT when I’m not on top of my game. It’s amazing. I am sharing the recipe with you because if you have a little one, it’s totally safe to apply a dab to the bottom of their feet before bedtime and ease them to sleep naturally. As a mom of three, with many restless and even sleepless nights under my belt, I’m here to help you!

Sleepy Bedtime Essential Oil Whipped Lotion


1 cup coconut oil
1 to 2 tablespoons shea butter (totally optional)
Essential oils (I use Peace & Calming, Lavender, and Roman Chamomile from Young Living. See below for more options)
Jar with lid (I use these mason jars, you could also clean and sterilize baby food jars, just make sure you can get your fingers to the bottom of the jar or you’ll need a spoon to get the last bits of lotion out! Been there, done that!)


Place coconut oil in stand mixer with the wire whisk attachment and start on a low speed. I put my shea butter in a little dish and into the microwave for 10 seconds a couple of times until it’s SOFT. Not melted (too warm and it’s going to start melting that coconut oil!), but just until it’s soft. Add it to the coconut oil and whip away! I let it go for about 5 minutes, occasionally stopped to scrape the sides down. Once whipped and creamy, add 10-20 drops of each essential oil. Keep the mixer going so the oils are blended in completely, then spoon into jar and store in a cool, dark place. At bedtime (or after nightly bath), apply a thumbnail sized dollop to bottoms of feet, back, chest and rub in. Avoid eyes, nose, ears and mouth.

Sleepy Bedtime Essential Oil Whipped Lotion

I have experimented with these oils:
Peace & Calming
Roman Chamomile

All of which are supposed to promote a sense of calming and help with winding down after a fun-filled day. We apply to the bottom of their feet and put socks on, then do a little bit over their heart, then down their spine and back of the neck. The first few times that we used this, we couldn’t even get through our “process” before Gavin was falling asleep! It was amazing! We make sure to bring it with us when we travel too, and I have used it myself a few times.



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