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Life After Pregnancy: How to Embrace Your New Postpartum Body

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Postpartum marks the chapter of both an incredibly exciting and challenging moment in your life. On one hand, you’re filled with love and joy, but on the other, you may feel a certain type of loss.

Our bodies change significantly after having a baby and not all of us “bounce back” as quickly as others. While your appearance may be different, you have to remember that you have done an amazing thing – you’ve created life.

If you’ve recently given birth and are struggling to adapt, keep on reading. Below we are going to discuss some tips to help you embrace your new postpartum body.

Accept the stages of healing.

The postpartum period, often referred to as the “fourth trimester”, is a time of intense healing. Recognizing the ups and downs that come with it is the first step toward body acceptance.

You’re likely to experience soreness, swelling, and a variety of changes as your body transitions back to its non-pregnant state. Instead of focusing on the negatives, know that you have just performed a monumental task by bringing life into the world. Recovery will take time, but it will get easier.

Prioritize self-care.

While you may be focusing on tending to your newborn, always try and find some time to take care of yourself. It doesn’t just help you recover physically but will enhance your mental well-being significantly. 

Remember, self-care can look different for everybody, so don’t feel like you need to follow in the footsteps of others. If you would rather start focusing on making changes to your body, that’s entirely your decision.

Just try not to rush into any procedures as you’ll want to find the right professionals. If you have concerns about varicose veins (a common occurrence during pregnancy) check out the Schulman Vein and Laser Center.

Surround yourself with positive influences.

Your environment has a significant impact on your thought processes and emotions. During the postpartum period, avoid images and messages that make you feel inadequate or pressure you to change.

Instead, focus on positive influences that support self-love and acceptance. There are plenty of great online forums and support groups that can help you connect with other parents navigating similar experiences.

Reassess your wardrobe.

While you won’t be able to immediately transition back into your pre-pregnancy wardrobe, it doesn’t mean you have to give up your love for fashion altogether. Use this as an opportunity to add a few new comfy and stylish pieces to your collection.

Soft fabrics and loose silhouettes can still look incredible while assisting you through early motherhood. Of course, you can have fun with makeup and accessories too. Not everything has to change after your new precious arrival.

Engage in gentle movement.

Exercise after childbirth isn’t about losing weight as quickly as possible. Instead, it would help if you focused on reconnecting with your body and gradually rebuilding your strength.

Consider gentle exercises like walking, yoga, and swimming as they can also improve your mood, confidence, and energy levels. If you have discomfort, take it slow and rest. Each step you take, even small ones, is still great progress.

Final Words

While it can be difficult to adapt to your new body, remember to treat yourself as the amazing individual that you are. You have created life, and each mark on your skin acts as a beautiful reminder of that!