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Is Working On a Laptop Ruining Your Posture?

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There’s no denying that there are many great advantages to working from home. However, if there’s one thing that we’ve noticed from working on a laptop for a long time, it’s that it can really damage your posture and make your back hurt if you’re not being mindful of how you use it. One of the biggest problems with a laptop is that the screen is much lower than our eye level, meaning we have to look down at it. This can cause discomfort in our neck and back depending on how often you use your laptop, eventually leading to posture-related issues.

Thankfully, you can keep the flexible work-life balance of working from home and save your posture with a few simple tips.

Take regular breaks and move around

It’s important to get up and move every 30 minutes or so. Never sit in the same position for over an hour if you can help it, and make sure you shake up your joints and get a little activity. A great way to do this is to actually have a standing desk because it encourages you to move around a little more while you work. Some people find it uncomfortable to use a standing desk because it takes some getting used to, but it’s a convenient option to have if you want to move around a little more.

Get yourself a proper desk

Many of us are using laptops when sitting on the sofa or bed because it’s convenient. However, this isn’t great for our posture and it’s much better to have a stable surface to place our laptop. Not only is this generally more comfortable, but it also means that we can add other accessories such as a screen, keyboard, or mouse to make working at home more comfortable. Whether it’s premium sit-stand desks or just a regular desk from IKEA, there are loads of great options for all different price ranges and budgets. If you can’t fit another desk in your home, then it may be a good idea to use your dining table or something at a similar height.

Be mindful of how you use your laptop

There are many people that use their laptop in strange or unique positions because they’re trying to get it to their eye level so that they don’t need to bend their neck. There are a couple of solutions to this.

  • If you have to use your laptop on your lap, make sure you’re looking down with your eyes and not your neck. Don’t tilt your head or back forward and instead, just move your eyes.
  • If you have to use a laptop on a desk, you can try raising the laptop with a box or a stand and then use a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse so that you can keep your arms on the table at a comfortable angle while raising the laptop monitor to your eye level.

By treating your laptop more like a monitor, you’ll have a much more comfortable position to work from.

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