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How To Save Money By Shopping Online Consignment

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How To Save Money by Shopping Online Consignment
The dreaded seasonal clothing switch. Every mom goes through it and quickly realizes as the closets and dressers empty of the previous seasons fashions that their children have next to nothing to wear that fits. Or at least, fits well enough to be worn in public. Having to clothe children can get expensive, ask any mom and she will tell you that no matter how much she tries to plan and “shop ahead”, someone grows too quickly and you find yourself having to get ready for summer or winter by heading to the store.

There is a way to save yourself not only money, but also time and energy spent going to the store. Who really wants to take kids to a clothing store? It’s not like they WANT to try things on, or will be patient while you try something on. I personally prefer to avoid it if I can! An amazing new find that every mom will appreciate is the ability to shop at an online consignment store like   Buy and sell pre owned kids  and women s items

A household making an average of $50,000 per year will spend about 3.8% of that on clothing alone. That’s almost $2,000 a YEAR on just clothing. I don’t even know if that figure takes into account special items like family photo outfits, school performances, dance, sports, etc. If it doesn’t, you know very well how quickly all of that can add up. Not to mention, the more children you have will drive that figure up as well. It’s a bit insane to think about how much we spend on clothing. So it makes sense to seriously consider how we can clothe everyone and not break the bank.

An online consignment store is just like a physical bick-and-mortar consignment store. The items are gently used, some may even be new with tags, but the prices are HOT and fit your budget far better than brand new, off-the-rack clothing.

Take a look at this video review that I did live on Facebook a few nights ago. I go through the site and show you some highlights and even how easy the checkout process is.

When shopping on, you can save yourself some time by making a list of what you need to buy before you start browsing. Trust me. There are SO many options that if you know the style, size and type of what you are looking for (say it’s 5T shorts for a girl), then you can set the filters to help minimize distractions and start shopping. shopping categories filters


You’ll see in the video just how much I love the pricing, and I even point out that some items are new with tags! Consignment can be a mystery, but they gaurantee quality. And if you aren’t satisfied, you can return any time, hassle-free. So even with picky children who want to dress themselves, you can browse the site together and return anything that isn’t a perfect fit or “feel right”.

Saving money is also easier with because they offer combined shipping when you purchase more than one item from the same seller. So if you find a jackpot of the same size, same seller, then you can be sure you’ll save even more thanks to the combined shipping!

How does your family save money on children’s clothing? What tips can you share with other moms when it comes to the “seasonal clothing swap out”?