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How To Pack For Your Road Trip

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How To Pack For Your Road Trip

Since we have taken more than our share of road trips, we thought we would share our tips for How To Pack For Your Road Trip with you. Not only are these are standards for making a road trip easy, they will help streamline everything from overnight stays on the road to unpacking when you get home. Take notes and make your next road trip easier with these travel tips!

How To Pack For Your Road Trip

Pack snacks and drinks for the road. One of the biggest time and money savers you will find is packing your own snacks and drinks for the road. Those potty breaks won’t result in $15 of snacks at the gas station if you go prepared. Small coolers can fit in the floor of the back seat. Make sure to pack tons of water and limit sodas. A box or bag of snacks like apples, bananas, graham crackers, peanut butter, fresh veggies, granola bars, dried fruits, nuts or other similar simple and healthy snacks are perfect. Yogurt, juice and cheese can be packed into the cooler with drinks as needed.

Bring motion sickness medications. Even if nobody has had a problem before, just do it. Keep this handy in the glove box so you can grab and give to whoever needs it easily. Dramamine is the easiest and most popular choice.

Don’t forget trash bags, paper towels and toilet paper. Not only will these come in handy on the road, you just never know when an emergency will happen. When traveling with kids, accidents happen. From someone getting sick to spilling a drink all over themselves. Trash bags are great for cleaning out the car, but perfect for loading up dirty clothes, or lining car seats with if someone is getting sick in the car.

Make sure you have first aid items as well. You can keep a first aid kit right in your car and a smaller kit in your everyday bag or purse. This also includes having things for headaches, upset stomachs, diaper rash, constipation, and sun burn prevention and relief. Keep items together in your traveling medicine cabinet and keep them in the bathroom of your destination so everyone knows where they are. Don’t forget doasge cups, spoons, and syringes if needed!

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Pack your trunk in order of need. If you will be traveling for several days, pack what you need access to most often in the front. Items you will only need at your destination (swim gear for the beach, etc.) will go in the back. For our last beach vacation, I packed all of the swim suits, towels, sand toys into a big plastic tub and labeled it. That way, it was the first thing packed and the last thing brought into the hotel. The front can include your electronics, bags with clothing, snack bag and similar.

Keep a bag for dirty laundry. Putting your dirty clothing back in your luggage each day just ends up making everything in your bag dirty. Take extra trash bags or a regular laundry bag to put dirty laundry in until you can reach a laundry facility or home.

Take your own laundry products. Add a bag with a few fabric softener sheets and laundry pods for those occasions you may need to do laundry on the way to or at your destination. If you know your hotel has laundry machines, remember to bring quarters (if necessary) and some extra laundry pods so you can do a final load before heading home. You’ll love coming home and not having to wash multiple loads of stinky laundry.

Pack mix and match clothing for comfort. Pack things that easily mix and match to create multiple unique outfits so you can have a limited amount of clothing but a lot of options. Spending the extra time to plan outfits that work together will definitely benefit you. You can easily wash clothing along the way if needed, and this will save room in your car.

Give each kid an activity bag by their seat. Pack a bag for each kid (and yourself) with things like small toys, books, electronics and chargers that may be needed in the car to keep them entertained. Especially remember to pack chargers for electronics so you won’t be digging in the trunk for a charger on the side of the road. We really loved using these car seat trays for the younger kids so they could be entertained easily. With pockets to hold their crayons and cups, they can use the surface for all sorts of fun and even put their food or snacks there.

These little tips for how to pack for your road trip will make it easier to arrive to your destination without stress. Taking the time to make your packing list before your trip, gathering everything at the dining room table, and packing it all into your vehicle sounds like such a huge job but it’s so worth it!

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