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Fun Crafts To Do With Kids

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Doing crafts with your kids can be a great way to spend an afternoon or even an entire weekend. Not only will you enjoy letting out your inner child, but your kids can learn some valuable lessons about creativity. It’s always important to allow your children to express themselves while they’re young and crafts are the perfect way to do this. What’s more, you could be left with some amazing pieces of art as a result of your efforts. However, coming up with different crafts isn’t always easy. In this blog we cover all kinds of crafts, from printing pictures on canvas to getting creative with fabrics, so take your pick.

Custom canvases

If you want your home to look more welcoming and less like a vacation rental, you should definitely consider canvas crafts that can be put on your walls when they’re done. You may associate canvases with painting, but there’s actually a whole lot more you could do with them. Whether you’re going to be displaying photos on canvases or using them to create 3D wall art, your kids will definitely delight in the end result. If you do decide to use a canvas to display a photo, why not dress up with your kids and get creative? Then, you can even have a go at creating a collage of them on the computer, helping your kids to learn some digital skills. Your canvas will be a product of an amazing day you spent together and what could be better than that?

Paper snowflakes

If you don’t want to get too messy and simply need something to fill an evening with, consider making some paper snowflakes. This craft has been going on for many years in schools and all you need is paper and scissors to get started. Simply fold your paper as many times as you can and cut random shapes into it. However, take care not to completely sever your folded edge, otherwise, your snowflake won’t work. No matter how random the shapes you cut are, you’ll be left with a beautiful snowflake that you can display or colour in.


Crafts don’t have to revolve around glitter and glue. If your kids have never tried sewing before, it could be time to introduce them to it. You can even find cross stitch kits for young children that have blunt needles and large holes, making it safe and easy for them to create designs. For older children, you may want to consider a more complex project, like a cushion or teddy bear. You may have to help them out along the way, but they’ll probably be very proud of their creation.


Making slime has been all the rage in recent years, but you need to be careful about which recipe you use. Make sure you mix any chemicals properly and don’t use substances that might harm your children’s skin. Always try to find recipes that are as natural as possible. Once you’ve found the right recipe, your kids can have fun choosing colours and whether they want to add glitter. Not only is this more fun than buying slime from the shop, but you’ll also save money, especially if your kids play with slime often.