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Dollar Store DIY: Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

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DIY Dollar Store Charlie Brown Christmas Tree


Are you a fan of all things Charlie Brown? Then chances are you love A Charlie Brown Christmas. This holiday season, make your own Charlie Brown Christmas Tree (which is so sad looking it’s cute) using nothing more than a few supplies from your local dollar store. Take a peek below at how to get started!

DIY Dollar Store Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

Supplies needed:
Pair of wide wooden craft sticks
Hot glue, glue gun
Pine tree stem (we used fake from our local dollar store but you can use real if you wish)
Red ornament

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree
1. Begin by adding a dab of glue to the top/center of one of your sticks. Press a second stick over it to create the X shape of the tree base.
2. Apply a very generous dab of glue to the center of the X. This is where you will attach the pine branch. Simply press the end of the branch into the glue and hold in place until secure. This might mean holding the branch for several minutes.
3. Once the branch can stand on its own, you can add the red ornament. Hang the ornament on the end of the branch to look like the one in the cartoon.

Your Charlie Brown Christmas Tree is now complete! Display it anywhere that can use some Charlie Brown charm. As you can see it is a smaller décor piece perfect for adding holiday color to an office, kitchen, or small table. Perfect for kids to craft or adults, this tree is a great way to combine your love for Charlie Brown, the holidays, and crafting all in one.

Gather your supplies and give this simple Charlie Brown Christmas Tree craft a try!