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Disneyland Paris Without Kids: Way More Fun Than You’d Think!

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Disneyland Paris Without Kids Way More Fun Than You'd Think!

It’s true – Disney really is a magical place! I think it’s everyone’s dream to visit a Disney park, and I finally made my dream come true at age 28 with a jam-packed day of Disneyland Paris fun – with no kids! I have to say that is was absolutely amazing but I did have times when I imagined how the kids would react, or what they would be thinking seeing a Disney princess sing and dance.

Our day started early since we wanted to catch an early train so we could arrive as close to the park’s opening as possible. The train ride was only about 45 minutes and took us from right near our rental apartment to outside the city right to the park’s entrance. They aren’t kidding when they say the station is RIGHT there by the park! I went into this day with absolutely no idea what to expect. Having never been to a Disney park and choosing my first to be in a foreign country, I knew this experience would be mindblowing.

There are two parks – Walt Disney Studios and the Disneyland Park. When we purchased our tickets we were given a map and program brochures which go over the different live shows, character appearances, parade times, etc. It is in French – but with English subtitles! Yay!

I remember the lady who sold us our tickets where we were from and when we told her she said, “Oh you Americans love parades, don’t you?” and circled the parade time on our brochure for us. As if I’d miss that!

Disneyland Paris Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

We went to the Walt Disney Studios side first, having read that some of the most popular rides would have long wait times. January is considered a “low” time for crowds, but the weather was mild! I believe the longest wait we saw for any ride was 50 minutes.

So… I knew the Tower of Terror was freaky. I’ve heard about it. But I really am not the kind of person who can go on a ride without losing their mind and screaming as if they are dieing. I just can’t. So to me, this ride was absolutely terrifying. Here’s a really great video of it if you don’t know what this ride is.

Ratatouille Disneyland Paris

Because we were here with no kids, we didn’t have to deal with taking breaks, getting snacks, bathroom breaks, boo-boo’s, and everything else that comes with kids. The Ratatouille ride is an absolute MUST DO if you are going to go to Disneyland Paris. It makes perfect sense to do this ride. Most of it is in French, but it’s the atmosphere and the fun.

Guess what we did? We skipped that long line – and not with a FastPass – but by using the Single Riders line! Instead of waiting something like 40-50 minutes, we decided to try the Single Riders line and we got RIGHT ON. Yes, we were seperated from each other, but for us that wasn’t a huge deal at all. Think about it – just the two of us, we’re going to be spending the entire day together, what’s about 5 minutes apart? This ride was WORTH IT! Best ride of the day. Check out this video!

Disneyland Paris princess show

I do feel a bit guilty about having so much fun without the kids. When we watched the Royal Christmas Wishes show, with all of the princes and princesses, I couldn’t help but imagine the joy Haley would have experienced seeing her favorites.

While a few things were closed for maintanence, we spent an entire day at Disneyland Paris and did as much as we could. There were some things we missed, live shows and such that we just wouldn’t be able to do without another day. Would I go again with the kids? Absolutely! We could go as slow (or in our case, as fast) as we wanted. We could actually talk to each other and take pictures without having to keep track of excited kiddos. We had so much fun!

Elsa and Anna Frozen Disneyland Paris parade

It’s totally cheesy, but I felt like a little girl during the parade. We waited for SO long in the cold, our feet and legs were just DONE, but oh my gosh! Having seen every parade on TV since I was a little girl and finally getting to see a real Disney parade in person??!! Mindblowing! I was totally overwhelmed with emotions.

But the most memorable, and the most emotional part of that day? That darn “Let It Go” song! Watch my video below! I will say though, video just doesn’t do any bit of Disney justice. Goosebumps, people, goosebumps. And yes, I cried. I wanted to jump up and down, sing and cry… but I held it in. I am adult, you know? ;-)

So what else did we ride?

Phantom Manor
Crush’s Coaster (Finding Nemo, talk about leaving you dizzy!)
Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast
Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups
Pirates of the Caribbean
Space Mountain
Star Tours
Rock n Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith

I don’t think I’m missing anything but man, we had a long and jam-packed day! We barely even ate! I’m serious! I was so excited I just wanted to go, go, go and we did!

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