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Can Nesting Really Start Right Away?

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I remember during my pregnancy with Chubbs, that the “nesting” phase kicked in somewhere in the middle, but towards the end. I wanted clean baby clothes, blankets, a place for him to sleep. I needed things ready to go and waiting for when we brought him home. I took my time and did things day by day. I washed a couple million outfits, a few thousand pairs of tiny socks, several hundred blankets and burp cloths. I vacuumed the floor multiple times, and used sanitizing wipes on every surface that I could. I was a big pregnant cleaning machine.

Has this all really kicked in already?! I’m barely 5 weeks, it’s incredibly early, but I have the urge to start purging. There is so much junk to be cleared out, to be gone through, to be donated, to be thrown away. There are surfaces that need cleaned, areas that need better organization, surfaces that need re-cleaned. I wake up, and I start seeing the clutter and the disorder. There isn’t a panic about it, I have plenty of time to do everything… there is just this motherly urge to get up, get cleaning, and get ready. It worries me, that’s what it does. Am I going to turn into some cleaning freak? Will I be demanding about no shoes in the house? Will I become paranoid and wash every surface that a baby MIGHT come in contact with “just in case”? Is this the beginning of a clean freak?

When did nesting start for you? What projects did you tackle first? I feel like the basic cleaning needs to be caught up on first… laundry, kitchen, bathroom, living room. Then once those are on a regular schedule, we can move to cleaning out the future nursery, and rearranging the laundry room. Once those are done, then I’d like to clear off our enclosed porch (which is still littered with empty cardboard boxes from our move… at the beginning of 2009). Oh, then the deep freezer needs cleaned out and organized to make room for breastmilk and after-baby meals.

Is this normal? Is this over-excitement?

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