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9 Useful Tips To Help ANYONE Build More Muscle And Strength

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Lifting weights and getting stronger isn’t for everyone, but it’s a good little activity to get involved in as we all need to have a little physicality to us. Strength is required to complete some of the most basic tasks, so it’s not something to completely disregard even if you’re not interested in it. Humans are more than just thinking machines; we need to be able to use our physicality to get jobs done, after all. 

Over the years, working out in a gym and building muscle by doing workouts with dumbbells, has become a lot more popular. Social trends and collective enlightenment in terms of fitness have combined to make people more interested in throwing on gym gear and completing a session. Stereotypically, it was mainly a hobby for men as it was seen as something for the collection of meat-headed males to take part in. These days, however, you’ll see anyone and everyone trying their hand at all kinds of exercises – which is obviously great to see. Gone are the days of simply just running and hoping that alone makes people fitter and healthier!

Are you new to weight training and muscle-building? Have you been at it for a while and have hit a bit of a plateau? Perhaps you’re just surfing the web and are a little interested in what this post has to say. Well, whatever your situation, you’re probably a little intrigued as to how a person might consistently build muscle and strength. Here are a few points that will hopefully help you along the way – as well as help you get out of a plateau that you may be stuck in:

Add More Volume To Your Workouts

If you’ve just started lifting and you’re completely new, then you’ll know that even the slightest and most tame sessions can boost your muscle and strength. That plateau will arrive eventually, however, so you’ll need to add a little extra to what you’re doing. Simply doing an extra couple of sets or adding an extra exercise to what you’re doing can make such a difference. You might be tired and sore, but those extra few burned calories will help you in the long run!

Shake Things Up A Little

Doing more work in each session will help you out, but so will changing up your exercises. It feels good when you’re constantly beating your previous personal best, but sooner or later, your body gets used to the movement(s). When you get comfy, you need to start finding newer ways to get a pump. The body needs to be challenged. When we are put in uncomfortable situations, that’s when we grow as people. It’s the exact same for our muscles. How profound!

Use Correct Form

This is a big factor – and it’s usually men that are guilty of this. The correct form is absolutely vital in terms of getting results. It’s also important in terms of avoiding injuries. Men like to be able to lift lots of weight – well, more men do. Men are egomaniacs – even the ones that don’t mean to be – it’s in their psyche! If you’re currently lifting weights that are really heavy and you know you should probably do things a little slower (and with more control), then you should probably heed your initial instincts. It might humble you a little, but it’ll be worth it. 

Do Compound Lifts A Little More

Compound lifts are the ones that utilize multiple muscles at the same time – hence the word ‘compound.’ Traditionally, your three main ones are deadlifts, squats, and bench press. Because these movements are so emphatic, require lots of energy, and make use of many different areas, your strength will likely increase overall. The deadlift is especially poignant in this regard. 

Eat A Little More (And More Protein)

This is a pretty simple idea, right? If you have more energy in your body, then you’re going to be able to expend more energy when it comes to the exercising part. If you have very little in you, then you’ll struggle. Eating more will also help as your body needs to be fed after a workout in order to repair and grow. If you eat more, then your muscles will be able to eat more – they’ll grow larger and become stronger. Be careful not to eat too much, though – for obvious reasons!

Use A Few Supplements If You Can

Sometimes exercising and eating the right stuff isn’t enough. Sometimes we can’t get the required foods, or we just don’t have the time to get everything handled naturally. That’s where supplements come in handy. Some people need a little laxogenin in their system to help build muscle after a workout. Some might want to get themselves hyped before a workout as they’re feeling a little tired. Someone might just want to burn a little fat while they’re bulking, so they don’t get too fluffy! Many companies are out there to provide you with what you need – you just need to hop online and have a little look.  

Remember To Rest 

It sounds counterintuitive because the idea of exercising seems like the only way to get bigger and stronger, but we need to relax, too. When you get the gym bug, not attending can feel horrible. Sometimes, people get the urge to go literally every day. We do need a couple of days off, though, so the body can grow with limited stress surrounding it. You don’t want to burn out, either. 

Make Use Of A Spotter

When you train on your own, you might end up going a little lighter and softer than usual because you don’t have somebody with you, protecting you all along the way. When you do have someone standing behind you, it gives you the freedom to fail a lot more often. It gives you the bravery to try the heaviest you can. If you’re not with your friend, just ask someone to spot you – it might feel a little awkward at first, but the fellow gym-goer will happily be your spotter.