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4 Things You Do When Visiting Mississauga for an Extended Trip

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Mississauga resides in the Greater Toronto Area, and it’s known for being aesthetically beautiful, diverse, and welcoming. It’s a popular destination for ex-pats, tourists, and business owners who travel to Canada, and offers a wide range of properties, attractions, and amenities.

If you decide to visit Mississauga in short-term rentals, you won’t be short on choices. There is plenty to choose from, ranging from chic condos to large family homes. Depending on your needs, you can find the perfect rental property for your needs to make your trip to Mississauga as good as it can be.

When you arrive in Mississauga, you can enjoy a range of activities. Below, we’ve covered four exciting things to do when you’re on an extended trip to this popular region of the Greater Toronto Area.

Take a Walk Through the Natural Landscapes

Mississauga is home to several large parks, nature trails, and conservation areas. You can take the opportunity to explore these gorgeous outdoor areas during your stay in Mississauga to breathe fresh air and stay active.

Whether you want a relaxing stroll or an intense hike, you can find the perfect spot for your outdoor activities. You can immerse yourself in nature at Kariya Park, known for its gorgeous Japanese-inspired gardens, or Credit Valley Conservation Area, which has lots of accessible trails and forests.

Explore the Many Cafes and Restaurants in the Area

There is no shortage of incredible cafes and restaurants in Mississauga, offering all types of cuisines. You can dine at Square One Shopping Centre, which is known locally for its intentional cuisines and culinary excellence.

Alternatively, you can head to Port Credit, which is an area in Mississauga that offers a diverse range of dishes from all over the world. There are lots of quirky cafes and fine dining restaurants in this neighbourhood, so there’s something for every meal of the day.

Every year, Mississauga is the destination for food festivals that provide the opportunity for you to enjoy a range of culinary experiences with your loved ones. At these festivals, you can explore the local favourite dishes and all sorts of overseas cuisines to widen your palette and fill your stomach.

Enjoy Some Retail Therapy

Mississauga has plenty of retail stores, with many found in the Square One Shopping Centre. This shopping centre attracts thousands of people to this region of the Greater Toronto Area every year and offers everything from budget stores to high-end brands.

You can also head to Playdium, a family-friendly complex with retail stores, entertainment facilities, arcades, and family games. If you have young children, it’s the perfect place to keep them occupied and active all day with mini golf, go-karting, and arcade games.

Explore the Arts

Those of you who adore films, music, and the arts will love everything that Mississauga has to offer. You can browse local artwork at the Art Gallery of Mississauga and attend one of the many exhibitions and arts-related events in the area.

There are hundreds of concerts, theatre shows, and festivals that allow you to immerse yourself in the arts and explore your passions. You can visit Celebration Square, which is an open public space where various outdoor events are held each year for entertainment all year round.